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#edcmooc Controlling the overload

Posted in EDCMOOC by marleylg on February 5, 2013

Hey there – can anyone see me … I’m buried under the mountain of information … yes … down here … still breathing though! The one thing I’ve been finding is that it takes effort to make the time for the course material; to find the right place and time with a modicum of peace and quiet in which to absorb and assimilate this information. Countless social media sites, new applications to try and blogs galore – I need to remind myself to nibble away at a bit each day and also to chose my own pathway leading off from the core material.

Does it bother me that there are 260,000 people registered – not a bit! I have started to engage with a few core people who seem to be on my wavelength (and am just getting to grips with how to follow their blogs!). Facebook I like; Twitter you can keep for now (but never say never!). I do wonder if some of you sleep or work though – how can you be so busy in these social spaces?


There have been some fantastic resources and things to think about in the course so far. And so many knowledgeable people out there to  add to and expand on the core material as well. I like that this isn’t a spoon-fed course; you do have to think about how to work with the resources – people and technology – and  it takes some energy to get the most out of the experience. I’m choosing to watch the videos first, before my views are shaped by others, and only then delve into the discussion. I’m finding that means I have often picked up something different or have gained a different perspective and can learn even more from other’s posts.

How am I managing the potential overload? I remind myself daily that I just can’t – and more importantly – don’t need to do everything, and I don’t need to engage with all 260,000 people to come out of this experience enriched. I’m choosing to identify and explore specific lines of interest relevant to my situation and I’m trying not to explode across the web like beans from a  busted bean bag the minute a new resource is posted;  side-tracking off into the tangled Web! My advice to anyone else like me would only be retain your focus.

Hey – and another new thing ticked off – I think I (or should I say the royal ‘we’ to include my trusty developer friend) am now on the RSS Feed. So, this blog post is a test to make sure it works!


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  1. sheilmcn said,

    Great post – I feel the same – takes confidence to know where you do and don’t want to engage, and as you say you don’t need to engage with everything. Unless you’re a machine it’s impossible. I’m more active in twitter so using that more just now.

  2. I agree with you. Learning overload! I am still trying to figure it all out.

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